Timm Czarnotta

Timm was born in Braunschweig in 1977. After graduating from high school, he began studying art at the Free International University (FIU) in Hamburg in 1998. He moved to Tübingen in 2003, where he and his family are still living.

“A picture should not just be a picture but always express more. Art should emerge from itself, instead of being a forced construct. It is about the interplay of ideas, creativity, execution (technique) and the urge to want to create something, to see, recognise, understand, and explain. But a picture should also be allowed to be a picture”

“In the beginning, courage is needed to fill the void. It is given, everything is already there, and yet it must first be found. Every stroke, every colour, shadow, light, lies scattered in the chaos. Merely a brief spark provides the viewer the illusion of order, only to swiftly disappear again”

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