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front imageTrial usage. If you like one of my artworks I like to submit you a proposal. Take the picture with you and see how it fits into your home for up to 14 days. There won’t be any additional costs for you. If you like my artwork in your place, you simply keep it. If not, you can bring the picture back. You only pay when you are sure that the picture fits into your apartment and you really want to keep it.

Of course I will help you to arrange the picture in your home if you wish so. I also like to help you with my know how and experience in regard to the adequate colors, shapes and places that go along with the chosen artwork.

Picture on request. You like to individually fashion your living space or are looking for a special gift. If so, I like to realize your ideas and imaginations or draw a picture with a given theme.

I will draw a non-binding proposal. You won’t be forced to purchase the picture. You only pay if the artwork fits your living space according to your wishes, or if the receiver likes the picture. Again, I like to consult you with my knowledge and experience about colors and the decision for an appropriate theme.

You are free to decide on format and frame of the picture. The waiting time is dependent on the scope of the project and the actual order situation.